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Rolls Royce Cullinan Black Badge Edition 2020 ( Black / Orange) Full Obtion

SUV441 KWبنزين20200 KMتلقائيأحمر, أسود
السعر: €439800


Powered by the V12-Twinturbo of the Phantom with 6.75 liters, the 421 kW strong (850 Nm!) engine catapults the Cullinan in 5.2 seconds from 0 to 100 kmph. The tremendous luxury liner appeals like a fairytale castle on wheels. Inside you don’t hear and feel anything from outside. It’s like you floating  on clouds. This is by far the most comfortable SUV on the market. Six off-road programs plus four centimeters lifting of the air suspension let the Cullinan master any terrain sovereignly. Two electric folding trunk chairs in combination with the Rolls Royce picnic hamper guarantee the box seat at the horse race. Beside lots of leather and high-polish varnish, the Cullinan offers maximum comfort inside. No other car can be equipped with such a wide range of luxury features and individual customized extras like a Rolls Royce. Beside that fact, there has never been a model with such a big trunk (1.930 liters) and electric drawers at the Britain’s. The name Cullinan comes from the biggest raw diamond ever found in South Africa in 1905. For sure it fits to the biggest SUV diamond ever produced. As if the Cullinan as king of the luxury SUV’s wouldn’t look impressive enough, the Black Badge edition appears more spectacular than ever. The shade of the black color, which has several coatings and gets polished ten times by hand, brings an unmatched color depth and intensity. This is the most elaborated surfaced finishing, that has ever been realized for a car coloring. Beside the additional special edition features, the Black Badge engine is even more powerful. The V12 engine offers additional 50 Nm and 21 kw, which leads to a total of 900 Nm and 441 kW. Powered like this, the Cullinan spurts in less than five seconds from 0-100 kmph. Any more questions?