S-Class Limousine

Sedanايريديوم سيلفر, Nardo Grey, Phytonic Blue Metallic210 – 320+16 KWديزل201910 KMتلقائي
اللون: iridium-silver-arnardo-grey-arphytonic-blue-metallic-ar
السعر: €76035


No doubt about it, the Mercedes-Benz S-Class always was and is the top of the line of luxury cars. The charismatic exterior impresses with intensive prestige design. This is the way of locomotion between style an sublimity. The interior of the S-Class let’s you forget the world outside. With fine materials and seemingly free hover displays. Comfort has been newly defined by the Mercedes MAGIC BODY CONTROL with curve-function and AIRMATIC suspencion. The Mercedes-Benz all-wheel drive 4MATIC guarantees permanent traction in every situation and bring you safe to your next moving target. Congratulations to the ones, who are privileged to travel the S-Class way.

S 350 d 4MATIC Limousine
السعر €79235
S 350 d Limousine
السعر €76035
S 400 d 4MATIC Limousine
السعر €83235
S 400 d Limousine
السعر €80035
S 450 4MATIC Limousine
السعر €85635
S 450 Limousine
السعر €82435
S 500 Limousine
السعر €90345
S 560 4MATIC Limousine
السعر €99925
S 560 Limousine
السعر €96725